2 Responses to The rise and fall of Bookogs, Comicogs, Filmogs, Gearogs and Posterogs

  1. Aerozol says:

    It truly truly hurts when peoples work is flushed like that. Discogs made a similar step recently when it got rid of access to high-res images – millions(?) of lovingly scanned images turned unreadable.

    A lot of Bookogs people went over to BookBrainz btw! MusicBrainz was actually initially created after a similar fiasco where the supposedly ‘open’ CDDB was privatized, but that’s another story… Discogs is a EXCELLENT site, no doubt, but I don’t think I would ever trust a private company with my editing time if there’s an alternative. Too many cautionary tales ):

    • hmvh says:

      Well, they’ve certainly managed to alienate many users with that particular stunt, nor am I seeing those resources being redirected into further development of the core Discogs database.

      As for BookBrainz/MusicBrainz, I do consider them a viable alternative (one that could just as quickly go away, though) but also the one that seems to be held in higher regard by the music industry and academia — despite having a lesser amount of data/releases (my latest blog post touches on this topic). Discogs has a huge amount of potential (and worth) but they need to re-focus on what they’re truly excellent at, and blatantly disregard the rest.

      As for my book anti-library, I’ve long settled in at LibraryThing.

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