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September and the inner demons of detritus

My desktop machine had died overnight. Just like that. No warning. This was not the downtime I had in mind for my holiday. Whilst we took our three furry monsters to the beach, another demon waited for me at home. This was as good a time as any to upgrade my 8-year-old machine. Has it really been that long? Continue reading

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Evacuating MySpace

Would those of you who still use MySpace please stand up? Well, it’s been a while since it was the poster child of the burgeoning social media scene — back when we all had a friend named Tom Anderson and there was tons of new and free music to be discovered there. MySpace was the cool place to hang out. Continue reading

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The death of recordable compact discs, part 4

Once upon a time there was a co-worker. He complained bitterly about how much he hated adhesive labels applied onto CD-Rs. This was over a decade ago. The vast majority of my self-burnt music CD-Rs have become near unplayable. And here follows my most recent adventure: ripping those bastards. Continue reading

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Death of a recordable compact disc

Accelerated-aging tests hadn’t gotten to the point that any printed reviews could be trusted, and so we all went and splashed out obscene sums of cash for a 2X burner (a whopping 300KB/s writing speed) and copied all our precious data over onto CD-Rs — media where only one thing was guaranteed: one blank disc out of a box of ten will become a coaster, regardless of brand or cost. Continue reading

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