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It’s all on video

I’ve recently been clearing out a bunch of old video clips. The early web was home to many weirdos, and videos of the kind didn’t help its reputation. Continue reading

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Internet killed the video star

While ripping what’s left of my VHS collection I was reminded of the tedium of physical media. No sooner had I transferred the first batch of videos onto my digital media player’s hard disk did it occur to me how convenient it is to pick a selection from an à la carte menu and play whatever I had fed the device with. Continue reading

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Old text files

In the opinion of this author, mankind’s greatest achievement is the written word. And in its most basic 7-bit ASCII form, the written word is therefore nothing less than a device-independent treasure. Continue reading

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History through humour

Sure, in the grand scheme of things they’re just a bunch of jokes. Once you delve deeper into the annals of these shitty old jokes you will discover that many of them ain’t funny no more. This was the time before smartphones, iPods and near-universal broadband internet access, and before everyone and their cat was on Facebook and/or Twitter. As a result, there’s some historical relevance in them thar jokes. Continue reading

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Music Browser Wars

Like most connected people in the 21st century, I’ve accumulated a plentitude of MP3 audio/music files. Digital media has arrived, and I suppose it’s here to stay for a while. But how does one effectively maintain a growing collection of MP3 files, one that, as the owner’s tastes and interests change, becomes increasingly unclear and unwieldy? How does one keep track of everything? Continue reading

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Stretching the tape collection

Naturally, the question that’s always asked is, “what are you going to do with all those tapes? What do you want them for?” Valid indeed, and usually met by the default answer of “Some kind of museum.” Continue reading

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Cassette Project #3: Status Update

It’s not that I asked for them or anything, they just got dumped on my desk since it seems that I’ve become the guy in the building with a reputation for collecting old equipment, electronica, and media. Continue reading

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The Cassette Projects

This was my tape collection. Lovingly nurtured and cared for over a period of some twenty years and surviving two intercontinental and numerous domestic moves, the time has come to bid farewell to this past passion and hobby, too. Continue reading

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