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Verbal Abuse

While the ruthless encroachment of the English language (particularly into the German media and advertising sectors) continues unabatedly, there is some positive news to report. That’s what happens when two languages combine and create a Frankenpidgin monstrosity named Denglish. Continue reading

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X Files + Tapes = August, part 2

In other exciting news, I finally completed watching the entire X Files series. And as for the other, “secret” tape project: still collecting and amassing more samples. Continue reading

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Xenophobia, part 2

The bloodbath is over, apparently all quiet on the southern front. The death toll has reached 62. The “Burning Man” has been identified and buried. Meanwhile, Zimbabwean billionaires who remain less than optimistic about their own free country‚Äôs blossoming future and negligible inflation rate continue to find holes in the border fence and flock to South Africa in droves. Continue reading

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