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The Matrix remembered

2019 rings in yet another anniversary. The Matrix movie is twenty years old. Had the film been released now, in 2019, it would still be a terrific actioner and perhaps even more relevant than it was then: the matrix will be instantly recognised as an obvious allegory to the always-connected, domesticated, utilitarian social media of today. Surveillance by machines is a pervasive theme, and much of the computer jargon that would have befuddled viewers two decades ago has since entered mainstream speak. Continue reading

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The future is today

Today is “Marty McFly Day” or, alternatively, “Back to the Future Day”. Today is the day when Doc and Marty will encounter hoverboards, flying cars, video conferencing, food hydrators, news drones, fingerprint readers, voice-controlled home automation and mosaic-view multi-channel large-screen flat-panel TV sets, motion controlled arcade games, power laces, augmented reality visors, holographic 3D movies, and a black Michael Jackson giving cooking advice — Max Headroom-style. Continue reading

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X Files + Tapes = August, part 2

In other exciting news, I finally completed watching the entire X Files series. And as for the other, “secret” tape project: still collecting and amassing more samples. Continue reading

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Idiocracy is the way of the future

So there I was the other night, watching my old, worn 1991 copy of Mad Max when it occurred to me how stupid people “in the near future” are made out to be: filthy, illiterate, violent, and just plain dumb. Continue reading

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