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Grimm TV

I’d like to tell you how fucked up German broadcast television is. Really, it’s an insult to viewers. There’s no continuity. Unless it’s some staged “reality show” or “docu-drama” featuring a local wanna-be starlet with big tits or a Promi washed-up celebrity we’ve never heard of, it’s impossible to follow any weekly TV series. Characters’ age, voices, hair styles and relationships change abruptly. The dead can reappear at any given moment. Continue reading

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Miniaturisation and consumerism

The other day the DVB-T receiver packed up. After I took a drive to my favourite electronics store to pick up a replacement unit I noticed how small the box it comes in was. But it wasn’t until I got home and started hooking up the new unit that the size difference really became apparent. Continue reading

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X Files + Tapes = August, part 2

In other exciting news, I finally completed watching the entire X Files series. And as for the other, “secret” tape project: still collecting and amassing more samples. Continue reading

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Cyberia 8: As Seen On MTV!

.MP3 files and bootleg mixes were becoming an increasingly prominent feature of the Cyberia staple. This edition, too blatantly followed the typical style of a crappy, cheesy, tacky, funny, cartoonish, and childish compilation of the musical flavours of the “current … Continue reading

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