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How to get stuff done

Do you have a lot of stuff on your plate? Do you have notes and reminders all over the place? Are you always busy – yet feel like nothing gets done? Join the club. If you have post-it notes strewn all over the place and, like me, have them sequentially numbered and, worst of all, connected to one another, then you’re in real trouble. You ain’t gonna get shit done this way. Trust me on this. Here’s a bit of a life hack. Continue reading

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The art of German party music

As someone who’s amassed and “processed” several hundred tapes in recent years, I had the opportunity to take a good look at certain visual cues in the design of the products put out by record labels. As for German party and schlager music, well… let’s just say they make no effort to shake off their gaudy stereotypes. Continue reading

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Facebook FAIL!

Outstanding! This is just brilliant on so many levels. PWND! Continue reading

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New Dickhead of State

Well, well! So Obama’s the new head of state. The election circus is finally over; MILF Palin will be packing her bags and knocked-up teenage daughter and heading back home, close to the frigid border of Siberia. It’ll also be business as usual for McCain, except he’s returning to a far drier state. Continue reading

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The bare necessities: Teddy vs. Bruno

Of hugely entertaining value to an English speaker living in Germany is the recent insistence by locals to spice up their vocabulary with modern English words and phrases — as if no equivalent or suitable German words were available! Advertising agencies and the media are particularly guilty of this malpractice. Continue reading

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