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Remembering the Inner Sleeve Record Library

The Inner Sleeve Record Library was exactly that: not a library where one would get books, but one where you could borrow records. Vinyl records. This was the mother lode! Continue reading

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A look back at 1988

There was no way I could’ve foreseen how the telecommunications industry would change the world as we know it. Yes, 1988 was the year I started working. I started earning a regular salary. I now had to pay taxes. My parents started charging rent. I bought a camera and snapped a few pictures from a platform that few were privileged to step onto. Continue reading

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Inactivity Blog?

There has been activity. A change in personal circumstances meant that certain external profiles and approaches were refreshed. I’m cleaning out some trash. Even this blog and its launchpad were revised and optimised. Continue reading

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About recordable disc inlay cards

As someone who created a substantial number of CD-R items over the years and spent inordinate amounts of time designing elaborate inserts for his personal audio collection, one trick I learnt is to add inlay cards to act as stiffeners behind ordinary 80g paper. Inlay cards became as regular material components of my CD production line as would colourful cases, and this collected stash of inlays turned up again a few weeks ago. Continue reading

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Rewind: 2011

As the end of 2011 approaches, now would be a good time to reflect on the year that was. If you’re reading this you may have noticed that the world didn’t end in 2011 (unless you’re Harold Camping) — it’ll only end next year (if you’re a Mayan). Continue reading

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The story of the HMVH Corporation BBS

The illustrated, unadulterated, and shamelessly long-winded personal memoir of a ten-year journey through the South African BBS scene. Continue reading

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History through humour

Sure, in the grand scheme of things they’re just a bunch of jokes. Once you delve deeper into the annals of these shitty old jokes you will discover that many of them ain’t funny no more. This was the time before smartphones, iPods and near-universal broadband internet access, and before everyone and their cat was on Facebook and/or Twitter. As a result, there’s some historical relevance in them thar jokes. Continue reading

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Before anyone accuses this blogger of stagnation, thundering silence or an utter lack of activity, let it be said that we have been keeping ourselves rather occupied. And there are still some 100 South African record labels unaccounted for and unprofiled on sicDogs. Continue reading

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