Cyberia Version 2.01: The Hardcore Material


Whereas sibling and numerical predecessor “The Radio Mixes” featured primarily radio-friendly material, the poorly subtitled “The HardCore Material” was the real catalyst into an electronic mindset consisting of hard, thumping monotony — played at such repetitious rates to result in headaches and involuntary visits to Cyberia that it often wasn’t possible to differentiate between the real world and this new, largely unexplored domain. At times it became more real than reality itself, and somehow — for reasons that made no sense at all — it felt better. It felt good. It felt right.

What was real? What actually existed, and what was imagination, fiction, or pretence?

Blurb: “‘Cyberia (The HardCore Material)’ constitutes the second half of a double entrance into what will invariably become a series of the best club mixes this CJ (Computer Jockey) can get his paws onto.

Originally written March 31st, 1999. First online version posted April 2003. Revised and updated March 2015. See background story here.

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