Cyberia 14: Bastard


Bridging the gap between the trance/house of Cyberia 13 and the electro of the upcoming Cyberia 15, the 14th edition of the series was created as “a brand new bastard of a compilation, with nothing but old music, rehashes, remixes and recycled mashups.” Anything that had been done before was done again. Although some mistakes were repeated, many new approaches were taken, resulting in a rollercoaster ride full of surprises and revelations.

Salutation: “Gratitude and salutations are extended to our mentor, the usual unnamed DJ; the loving and patient missus; TigerSpirit; our fans, followers, and listeners; and The present chapter in the continuing adventures in Cyberia was conceived and committed to compact disc for future generations during the months of November & December 2006 and made available for release on December 28th, 2006. See ya next year!”

Originally written December 28th, 2006. Revised and updated March 2015. See background story here.

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