Cyberia 3: Don’t Stop ‘Til I Come


Cyberia had become a quasi-religious way of life — far more than just a maudlin frame of mind or a one-way trip through an imaginary escape hatch out of the harshness of the material world.

Cyberia became real.

We could see it through the black light and smell it through bubblegum-flavoured smoke. We could touch it and taste it and hold it and fuck it. It was the time when the Matrix became more than just William Gibson’s terrifying nightmare, the time of an additional workload and minions, when Garbage came to town, and when being commissioned by professionals in the business resulted in an unrelated “series of discs to take your clothes off to”.

Blurb: “Following the surprising success of ‘Cyberia’ and ‘Cyberia 2.01’, we proudly present ‘Cyberia 3’ to complement the previous two. We originally intended to compile this album at a much later stage, but when we realised what excellent music had suddenly hit the scene – we just couldn’t fucking resist! Again, our mixing style has changed a bit, yet we are constantly learning and improving. Many thanks go to another unnamed DJ for supplying most of the music and much of the inspiration, and Oh! Lest we forget, Miss P. for moral support and late-night assistance in the art department. We trust that you will enjoy this compilation as much as we suffered making it and must warn you: pre-production of ‘Cyberia 4’ has already begun…

Thank YOU for your continued support and remember: Music piracy is ILLEGAL!”

Originally written September 8th, 1999. First online version posted April 2003. Revised and updated March 2015. See background story here.

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