Cyberia 8: As Seen On MTV!


.MP3 files and bootleg mixes were becoming an increasingly prominent feature of the Cyberia staple. This edition, too blatantly followed the typical style of a crappy, cheesy, tacky, funny, cartoonish, and childish compilation of the musical flavours of the “current month”, aimed squarely at the dumb teenage market content with mindless garbage, broadcast over and over and over and over on the idiot box until removed from the playlist and forgotten until the next brainless act of plagiarism or moronic “classic hits of the decade” show is scheduled.

Blurb:”…and hence there’s Cyberia 8: As seen on MTV! Light-hearted fun and games, sweet pop on the dance floor, at the discotheque, and in your head – in your mind, and with a hot stake. It’s about bugging people with remote-controlled mosquitoes, psychotic ducks with a peculiar French accent chasing cowardly dogs, a gerbil in a microwave, Richard Gere, child geniuses with stoopid sisters, cheating at dance competitions, and arriving at the party in a Mercedes-Benz.”

Nonetheless, it cannot be claimed that there is no sense of humour or self-irony in Cyberia.

Originally written May 31st, 2002. First online version posted April 2003. Revised and updated during March 2015. See background story here.

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