Cyberia 7: Dreaming Of A Better World


Not unlike “Cyberia 3”, this edition concentrated on the relatively recent dance/pop crossover genre pigeonholed as “vocal trance”. Generally uplifting, happy and positive, the style also reflected the current pantheistic state of affairs in the title of “Dreaming of a better world”. This edition was also the first to be produced with the partial aid of music mixing software (tip: never emulate hardware with software) and introduced the “Primary Screamer”. Finally, it even included three excellent tracks that didn’t quite fit onto “Cyberia Four”!

Blurb: “Whereas ‘Cyberia 6’ jacked off to the hairy underbelly of crass vulgarity, ‘Cyberia 7’ celebrates, almost to the day, three years since the release of the very first – albeit somewhat crude – edition with a more optimistic outlook. However virus-prone and worm-ridden Outlook itself may be, we attempt to explore positivism, safety, comfort, satisfaction, illumination, love, dreams, and memories of a happy childhood – irrespective of how deep they may be buried within our subconsciousness. Cyberia delves into your mind with a hot stake and turns your brain into a mushy mess should you think about murder on the dance floor. Body modification. Smart drugs. Bionic implants. Monsters. Machines. Plugged into the Matrix.”

“Ah, what harmony!”

Originally written April 4th, 2002. First online version posted April 2003. Revised and updated March 2015. See background story here.

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