A dangerous tagline

I love taglines.

I’ve been using taglines since the days before the ‘net as we know it now and have amassed a pretty ‘decent’ collection. I like ’em. They show character (or lack thereof) and generally brighten up the most mundane of emails and posts.

But this one caused a few feathers to be ruffled: –

“Satanism: The perfect religion – screw up & you go to heaven.”

I think it’s rather witty and… well, funny!

Others in the cc: fields didn’t and had this to say to my boss:

Gripe #1:

“I’m a little bit choked to see a note at the end of this email sent to C****** and others, read carefully. «Satanism: The perfect religion – screw up & you go to heaven.» I think that kind of comment should not be putted in e-mail’s, it’s really not the place. What de you think about that ?

[We de think it’s funnee, that’s why it’s a putted in e-mail’s!]

Bitch #2:

“Gents, pls make sure Herby’s email signature is modified to removed is religion and Satanism belief. R*** is only the messenger but it is not the first time I hear about it from others.”

[Sure thing. It was duly replaced by “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.”]

Moan #3:

“One more thing, I do not think Herby’s comments at the end of his signature is appropriate in our workplace. You probably are not aware, but USA and Canada we were asked to attend to a mandatory course on “Respect in the workplace”. Maybe you should ask to the company policy on the subject.”

[Very good. But let’s not forget that ‘respect’ goes both ways…]

Today’s tagline: “Cat: The other white meat…”


Why I was late for work this morning...

Image credits: Some forgotten corner of the internet

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