The more things change, the more they stay the same

Being the type of person that procrastinates and takes a long time to think and consider and re-think all possible and practical options before starting a project, with serendipity playing a major role, devising some method and approach that lasts until the bitter end is of utmost importance. Hence, little was done in the practical department of the car sound department — other than think.

In fact, I’ve been playing with the idea of installing a wooden board behind the back seats whereon the subwoofers and amps would, in turn, be mounted for some time. This would utilise the full capabilities of the free-air subwoofers but leave their magnets exposed and all other cabling very visible. This concept has now been abandoned in favour of the tried-and-tested approach of re-using the old subwoofer box, with the amplifiers and all cabling mounted onto that — bar a few changes and at the loss of a little bit of boot space.

And this is all happening in the coming week.

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