How do I undo the damage I have done?

After popping another 30A fuse in a desperate attempt to get some bass from the car’s boot into the passenger cabin, it was decided to listen to my own advice and reclaim some space in the process by… well, by undoing what I had spent many long hours labouring over: the subwoofers in the box with amplifiers mounted on them was removed.

Without a trace. The cables stayed. Tucked away. Just in case.

All that remains is a new Panasonic CQ-C7301N head unit that refuses to connect to the Panasonic CD changer but has a silly motorised display in all sorts of fancy colours and cute animations and at least plays MP3s. That be its saving grace, else it’d be back to the old factory-fitted, needs-no-silly-adapters-and-fits-in-beautifully-and-supports-the-changer-and-plays-tapes Blaupunkt system.

Like I’ve said before: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Another interesting function is the unit’s ability to utilise the “lesser-quality” back-door speakers as simulated subwoofers, which it does to good effect. Otherwise it sounds just fine – but nothing more, and it most certainly won’t rattle the number plates off the car.

Shiny and unassuming head unit

At this point I wonder how my aged old non-ISO JVC system would’ve sounded?

Argh, fuck it! It works, leave it alone. “I’ll think of something else. I always do.”

Photo credits: hmvh DOT net

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