When it rains, it pours…

So there I am, stripping the interior of the car to expose all the cabling (as well as somebody’s lunch), only to finally discover that the new Panasonic head unit’s CD changer cable does not quite attach to the existing CD changer, which of course also has Panasonic (VW) stamped all over it. Adding additional insult to injury (got the scratches and burn marks to prove it), replacing the door speakers would be a rather huge undertaking (drilling out pop rivets and running new cables and, oh… more connectors). I’ve decided to keep them. They can stay put, they’re not bad in any case. Obviously I’ll have to think of a way to intercept their cabling but I’ve already got an idea or two there… maybe the DSP should stay as well? If nothing else, the +12V power cable from the battery in the engine compartment is through to the boot. And the panels are off. The car looks a mess. Oh, of course it’s autumn, too. It gets darker sooner. Less light, can’t see shit and it’s cold.

More of the same tomorrow.

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