Egg on my face

If ever there was a day when I felt like a right royal nimrod, then yesterday (Sunday) surely must rank among the top contenders for that title.

While trying to figure out where and how to install the old (new) CD shuttle in the car’s boot, this idiot discovers that… wait for it, here it comes: the damn thing’s already got one!

Those nice folks from Wolfsburg are clever, fiendish and devious bastards, hiding a 6-disc Panasonic changer in a little space underneath the mandatory first aid kit! Not quite the place that one would have expected to find a changer stashed away either…

Oh, there it is! Hidden underneath the first-aid kit...

So much for inspecting every nook and cranny!

Needless to say, the device works well and does that in total harmony with the Gamma head unit. Option 1 below has therefore become a very feasible solution and can be re-evaluated as such:

  • Pros: Cheapest option, no effort, matching illumination.
  • Cons: Little personal satisfaction, poor sound.
  • Cost: None.

Having cranked the system a little more than usually on today’s stint on the autobahn, I must admit that it sounds… well, OK. Just OK, not much more. Not bad either… most people would be quite happy with this but it’s missing that certain oomph and cannot really be felt, the way a car’s system should be. For the record, there are awfully little options to simply add the old subwoofers to the mix, the DSP simply doesn’t cater for that.

Oomph wanted

It is a cute toy, though, and may just be sorely missed: however easy and simple Option 1 is, there’s a certain sense of satisfaction and achievement that will be lacking by taking the easy way out. At least now I’ve an idea of where to tuck away the old 12-disc JVC CD changer — and these speakers, powered by the little Proton amp that could, will still find their way into the Bora.

Where to put these?

When, I do not know. If nothing else, that feeling of urgency has been lifted like a weight off my shoulders. Watch this space for details!

Anybody want to buy a fine, used VW Blaupunkt/Nokia/Panasonic system?

Photo credits: hmvh DOT net

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