Chequered flag in sight

Most of today’s progress involved driving around and a bit of shopping (since shops are closed on Sundays and only open half of Saturday) and I really need to have this all finished by Sunday, and that includes a proper wash (and that goes for the car, too).

Nevertheless, we’re pretty much on schedule, and today was the day that the backboard for the Kenwood 6×9 speakers was cut, sawed, covered, and mounted. Irritatingly, my jigsaw packed up in the process — which brings us to another parallel with the past: that very AEG jigsaw was purchased way back in 1998 at the same time and at the same place as my old JVC system, specifically for the then-to-be-built backboard. Luckily the neighbour had one available on very short notice…

Backboard with Kenwood 6x9" mounted

Let’s see what surprises Saturday has in store for us.

Photo by hmvh DOT net

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