Oh, it’s such a pity I haven’t the time right now to devote some of it to this blog, let alone spend (waste) any significant time writing out or posting jokes and the like. As far as the human being behind the blog is concerned, there’s actually quite a bit to report to my imaginary readers.

Life is a hectic adventure that’s better spent living instead of reporting on.

Worth bragging about is that recently money, time and effort was wasted on a new PC, finally graduating to WinXP.

Truth be told, that exercise is worth its entirely own and separate article, and there’s neither time for that, let alone interest in it. Strangely, I still miss my old PIII running trusty and robust Win95B — particularly when it involves whatever musical projects and sonic endeavours I keep busy with. Somehow WinXP does not harmonise too well with some of the elderly (non-certified) hardware and parts of the software used.

But the 1680 x 1050 px wide-screen resolution is swee-eet!

In other exciting news, our redneck off-site, which averages around 200 hits a day, recently got overrun: On “Saturday 25th August 2007” the site clocked in all of 4,822 page loads, courtesy of being mentioned on digg.

Insane visitor numbers

Most viewers arrived via this page and, admittedly, though we’ve never really paid much attention to digg, they do seem a bit more influential than a mild fart in the wind. Since Sunday, visitor numbers have returned to normal.

Some of the comments weren’t exactly… erhmm, favourable either, mostly running the redneck article down on account of its age:

That page is older than the internet itself, I know I saw that at least 6 years ago.

Duh! The thing is as old as Averell himself, this version being compiled from various loose issues and other nonsense found in the vast wastelands of the ‘net.

Still, some of the replies are entertaining… there’s a certain macabre pleasure to be had in being called a “racist”.

How do you people not consider this to be obscenely racist? Haha let’s make fun of poor white people who can’t afford dental care, are historically poor, and have no access to education or health services. Why don’t we hate on Ethiopians? You people should go to rural Virginia and then tell me this is funny. Oh but they’re racist? You’re right, they judge on stereotypes…

Buried as lame. This is dumb, hateful, I-look-down-on-you and I’m-better-than-you stuff. It’s also rambling and far too long to be even remotely funny. A joke that takes a quarter hour to tell or read better be very friggin funny and this simply isn’t.

Some people are obviously slow readers.

Nevermind. Back to work. Got other shit to tend to.

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