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Evacuating MySpace

Would those of you who still use MySpace please stand up? Well, it’s been a while since it was the poster child of the burgeoning social media scene — back when we all had a friend named Tom Anderson and there was tons of new and free music to be discovered there. MySpace was the cool place to hang out. Continue reading

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A decade at Twitter

Today marks my 10th year on Twitter. Like most first-time users, I had absolutely no idea what to do with it nor what to expect of it. In its early days, micro-blogging was as confusing as it was innocent. Continue reading

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On Facebook, BBSes and Big Data

Facebook is the unchallenged 800-pound gorilla in the social media arena. It is a people-data aggregator like no other. After discovering a cache of old BBS registration form printouts I decided to hunt down those ex-members, armed with names and answers they gave some 20 years ago. Continue reading

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Generation Upload

Been busy sharing. Adding. Uploading. Socialising. Profile, consolidation, branding, identity, strategy, and trademarking are words very much on my mind right now. Continue reading

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I can has cheezburger?

“If you spend any time at all observing net culture, then you’ll have been unable to miss the recent explosion in popularity of lolcats. This relatively recent phenomenon is the convention of taking pictures of cute animals, most frequently cats, and overlaying absurdist captions on the images.” Continue reading

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In other news, our redneck off-site, which averages around 200 hits a day, recently got overrun. Some of the comments weren’t exactly… erhmm, favourable either, mostly running the redneck article down on account of its age. Continue reading

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