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The Matrix remembered

2019 rings in yet another anniversary. The Matrix movie is twenty years old. Had the film been released now, in 2019, it would still be a terrific actioner and perhaps even more relevant than it was then: the matrix will be instantly recognised as an obvious allegory to the always-connected, domesticated, utilitarian social media of today. Surveillance by machines is a pervasive theme, and much of the computer jargon that would have befuddled viewers two decades ago has since entered mainstream speak. Continue reading

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Cyberia 13: Superstition

Why do we always assume that machines, however intelligent and efficient they may become, have some sort of hidden and nasty agenda? Continue reading

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Cyberia 7: Dreaming Of A Better World

Not unlike “Cyberia 3”, this edition concentrated on the relatively recent dance/pop crossover genre pigeonholed as “vocal trance”. Generally uplifting, happy and positive, the style also reflected the current pantheistic state of affairs in the title of “Dreaming of a … Continue reading

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