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The management of projects

There are projects, and then there are projects. There are projects that reveal themselves as mere tasks. Then there are the ongoing projects: responsibilities and maintenance tasks that you take on for reasons important to nobody but your own delusion of “the greater good”. One of these is my “SA labels” project at Discogs. Continue reading

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Current status

Months of this insanity involving late hours trying to piece together the origins of an existing label or the forensics to determine the time and cause of demise of a label that’s disappeared off the radar can drive a person nuts. Conversely, it’s the controversial Google Book Search that’s turned out to be an invaluable tool for hunting down facts on companies that existed during the dark days of apartheid, BC. Continue reading

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Five years and good dope

Five years of deciphering cryptic codes and punctuation and matrix codes on CDs and tapes and records and figuring out and defining relationships between this label and that licensee, this company and that pressing plant, or this band and its members who don’t wish to be associated with the band anymore. Sometimes we get even met with thanks and tokens of appreciation. Continue reading

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