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The SA BBS Scene

Here’s a memorial page dedicated to anecdotes, bulletins, documents, essays, images, lists, memories, nostalgia, photos, and related matter recollecting the South African bulletin board scene of the 80’s and 90’s. Continue reading

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If you lived in South Africa during the eighties or nineties and used your modem to dial into services beyond Beltel, then you surely would have heard of or used Roblist. If you were a SysOp, you wanted your BBS to be on Roblist. Continue reading

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The death of printed media

In a previous post I lamented the death of physical music carriers as our music purchasing and listening habits are progressively being overtaken by downloadable MP3 or similar formats. It’s therefore a logical progression to do the same about a music magazine that disappeared from the shelves in April 2002. With entire libraries of books available in digital format online or downloadable to your Kindle, it comes as quite a surprise that the internet hadn’t actually saved more forests sooner. Continue reading

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Rufus + Google + Monsters = August, part 1

South Africa’s troubles and unique social peculiarities have apparently reached a regular audience far beyond the country’s borders. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be quite the science! Continue reading

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Xenophobia, part 2

The bloodbath is over, apparently all quiet on the southern front. The death toll has reached 62. The “Burning Man” has been identified and buried. Meanwhile, Zimbabwean billionaires who remain less than optimistic about their own free country’s blossoming future and negligible inflation rate continue to find holes in the border fence and flock to South Africa in droves. Continue reading

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Flames of hatred and xenophobia

It contained snippets of news articles as well as several rather disturbing and terribly saddening images of the madness and mayhem that ensued after a series of violent attacks on foreigners (mostly African nationals) across South Africa. Continue reading

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…good business advice to prospective criminals? Continue reading

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