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A response from the barrister

While writing the previous blog posting about the physical, honest-to-goodness paper letter from a 419 scammer that had come my way, I also attempted something of an email conversation with the perpetrator. And I casually asked about the money. About a day later this reply from JONATHAN MOROKA appeared in my inbox. Continue reading

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The letter from the barrister’s wife

Everybody gets to taste some spam while it slips through our filters to find its way into our mailboxes before we dutifully delete it without as much as sparing another thought about its contents and origins. And if you’ve been online for as long as I then there’s little that surprises you anymore where this scourge is concerned. But a few weeks ago something managed to do exactly that. Continue reading

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Second Anniversary

What we have noticed over the past two years is an interesting shift in web browser usage. Sure, IE still rules the roost, with Firefox picking up a good quarter of the slack. Opera, Safari, and Chrome are trailing behind but it’s a pack of non-computer-based browsers that are making inroads as of late. Nokia and Symbian are two new “operating systems” looming on the horizon, and the Wii and PS3 are making up nearly a full percent of gadgetry used to browse the interwebs with. Continue reading

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It’s the routine of caffeine and nicotine that make the monotony of each day bearable as we look forward to the monthly paycheck and the great gig in the sky after the final dinner with the worms. And greed. Greed’s a great motivator. Greed makes hungry. Continue reading

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Spam Warrior

Spam is a cancer that feasts on an otherwise healthy internet. Everyone who has an email account has no doubt received some sort of unwanted email message — be it from someone you know or someone you don’t know, or someone you’ve never heard of and wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) want to know. It arrives in bursts and always finds new methods of infiltrating even the best of filters. Continue reading

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#000: Shall we continue?

The HMVHumourList will henceforth continue its intermittently relentless broadcast of humour, satire, top 10 lists, news of the weird and bizarre, and anything else that makes us laugh. Continue reading

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