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Statistics, analytics and trends

On February 1st, 2017 my first website finally went 404. Its host, arcor.de, shut down. Nonetheless, in its 15 years online the site allowed me to observe a shift in online users’ behaviour and trends. Here are a few observations based on the final statistics before the site went dark. Continue reading

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Mobile visitors

My little page about South African Bulletin Board Systems doesn’t pull in a lot of visitors. What surprised me most about the influx of readers was the devices they used. Almost half are mobile devices. Continue reading

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The end of the decade is nigh

While we’re rounding up what’s left of the current decade, allow us to reveal some statistics of nonsense within the vast hmvh network of shenaniganisms. It’s turned out that the most popular blog posting by far is the the pseudo-humouresque, quasi-investigative, and semi-critical-of-life-online essay called “The story of Moshzilla”. Continue reading

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Second Anniversary

What we have noticed over the past two years is an interesting shift in web browser usage. Sure, IE still rules the roost, with Firefox picking up a good quarter of the slack. Opera, Safari, and Chrome are trailing behind but it’s a pack of non-computer-based browsers that are making inroads as of late. Nokia and Symbian are two new “operating systems” looming on the horizon, and the Wii and PS3 are making up nearly a full percent of gadgetry used to browse the interwebs with. Continue reading

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