#000: Shall we continue?

Indeed, let's do just that!

After having lost much of the HMVHumour mailing list
and all the previous jokes as a result of a gradual hard
drive failure, we decided to call this thing quits.

At least, for a while.

The while is over. It's time to start up again.

The HMVHumourList will henceforth continue its intermittently
relentless broadcast of humour, satire, top 10 lists, news of the
weird and bizarre, and anything else that makes us laugh (which,
let me tell you, IS a mean feat).

We get the material. Don't send it to us. Our sources are of no
consequence to you. For heaven's sake, do not send us huge
MPEGs or anything like that, those we pick up and process
elsewhere. All we're going to churn out are readables, with
(small-ish) pictures on rare occasions. The degrees of tastefulness
(or sometimes, the lack thereof) range from the squeaky clean
all the way to... well, you get the idea!

If you feel that you - the recipient - are getting bombarded by
messages whose content does not suit your tastes (or, conversely, 
is too harmless!), let us know, and we'll move you into another 

If you wanna receive nothing from us, that's fine too. Just tell us.
We can handle that. No harm done. Your loss. Whatever.
We don't care... really!

Thanks, folks, shall we kick off then?



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If you are  not  the addressee you  may not disclose, copy,
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otherwise - based on the contents or lack thereof.  You are
furthermore instructed to inform the sender immediately and
destroy  all copies  thereof.  Any copying,  publication or
disclosure of this message in any form whatsoever,  without
the original sender's  express written consent  is strictly
prohibited and may constitute copyright infringement.

If you wish to  be removed from  this mailing list,  merely
notify the sender accordingly - no insults taken.

Neither animals, forests or oceans were harmed or otherwise
inconvenienced at any phase of the creation of this message.

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