Cyberia 5: Blade


Not unlike its numerical forerunner, “Cyberia 5” was produced in an individually-numbered and strictly limited edition of twenty discs — signifying the end of an established fan base in a brave new world and heralding the beginning of a new challenge in an old world that has lost its own cultural identity by trailing behind the Jones’s — despite some of the broadest information superhighways where charred cadavers lay stranded in the emergency lane.

Blurb: “Yeah! ‘Cyberia 5′ brings with it a new concept, a somewhat radical departure from its predecessors by way of the inclusion of snippets from a certain movie… a theme is born! Although this is a fully-functional prototype of a future concept, we have endeavoured to correlate the added movie snippets with the current selection of music. Blatant copyright infringement this may be, but hell… I should be paid for promoting both the songs and the snippets! Shit, I ain’t gettin’ rich from this…
Gratitude is extended to the usual unnamed DJ for providing the music, and to the missus for painstakingly and perfectly recording the Blade soundtrack while I was out playing DJ elsewhere! Sorry, Babes…
Also thanks to you for your continuous support in the Cyberia concept.”

Originally written November 26th, 2000. First online version posted April 2003. Revised and updated March 2015. See background story here.

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