Yuletide and mix CDs

Returned on Monday from a snowy weekend getaway to find a huge batch of sound files in my in-box, all waiting to be completed and mastered into a final and processed product.

Three, in fact. Three CDs worth of mixes. Rufus has completed his part of the mixing, now it’s up to me to complete the third disc and assemble the lot into some sort of coherent structure. Seems that he’s fed up with the whole “CeeJay Cyborgasm” gig and wants to hand over the reigns of his imaginary and illegal empire.

Rufus even sent me a batch of pictures and stuff to use for the artwork but I’m not entirely sure if Kylie will make a good cover (pun intended).

And, speaking of art, legendary pin-up girl Bettie Page (she of the “killer curves and coal-black bangs”) passed away on the 11th of December at the ripe age of 85.RIP Bettie PageThanks for the mammaries!

Image credits: Unknown

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