Ah, statistics: Aren’t they just interesting…

While muslims the world over are going ballistic over a dozen badly-drawn and generally not particularly funny cartoons (as far as humour goes) that it seems they have taken four months to misunderstand their point of, this site has lately taken quite a few hits from a company known as “Payam Resaneh Isfahan Research Investigation”, originating in a certain state currently very much on the watchlist of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

And how did they get here? By searching for images of PUSSY, no less!

Should I put my old Jesus cartoon up again?

Along the same hypocritical lines, it never ceases to amaze how one of my other experimental sites (containing nothing but naughty text stories) is was being targeted by primarily visitors from countries with outdated and draconian moral standards: A third of visitors are from the USA — but then there are the 5.9% from the United Arab Emirates, 2.5% from Iran and Saudi Arabia with its 2.3% take their places in the top 10.

Believe me when I say to you that these are huge percentages where these countries are concerned, considering that far busier sites with far more wholesome (read: clean) content are drawing way less visitors from the Arab world.

Something’s rotten with the state of Islam.

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