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hmvh.de.vu Commentary

Along the same hypocritical lines, it never ceases to amaze how one of my other experimental sites (containing nothing but naughty text stories) was being targeted by primarily visitors from countries with outdated and draconian moral standards. Believe me when I say to you that these are huge percentages where these countries are concerned, considering that far busier sites with far more wholesome (read: clean) content are drawing way less visitors from the Arab world. Continue reading

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Cyberia 12: Belief

A god came forth and attempted to corrupt our mind with ideas and concepts of purity, responsibility, cleanliness, honesty, and their version of a truth. This devil was cast out, for the truth lies within. A few months later the … Continue reading

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A dangerous tagline

I’ve been using taglines since the days before the ‘net as we know it now and have amassed a pretty ‘decent’ collection. I like ’em. They show character (or lack thereof) and generally brighten up the most mundane of emails and posts. But this one caused a few feathers to be ruffled… Continue reading

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