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Takedown: Three strikes

Anyone who runs a blog stands to fall foul of some form of “censorship”. Anyone who operates a website that covers recent history may easily tread on the toes of the living whose names may be mentioned in old documents. This has now happened three times. Continue reading

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The bare necessities: Teddy vs. Bruno

Of hugely entertaining value to an English speaker living in Germany is the recent insistence by locals to spice up their vocabulary with modern English words and phrases — as if no equivalent or suitable German words were available! Advertising agencies and the media are particularly guilty of this malpractice. Continue reading

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hmvh.de.vu Commentary

Along the same hypocritical lines, it never ceases to amaze how one of my other experimental sites (containing nothing but naughty text stories) was being targeted by primarily visitors from countries with outdated and draconian moral standards. Believe me when I say to you that these are huge percentages where these countries are concerned, considering that far busier sites with far more wholesome (read: clean) content are drawing way less visitors from the Arab world. Continue reading

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A brand new adult e-mag has arrived in the form of JFIM: John’s Fun and Information Magazine, featuring advertisements, stories, articles and pictures catering for a male as well as a female readership. Download your copy today! Enjoy!

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A new message area, eloquently titled “Gandalf’s Garden” has been created in the place of SmallTalk for those who have anything to submit for the E-mag or discuss on the matter. The area will also be used by our resident … Continue reading

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