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Christmas Wars

Why the fuck am I driving anywhere near such a congregation of fools with more money than time management skills — on the last Sunday before Christmas, of all days? Never before have we witnessed such masses descend upon these holy temples of consumerist worship. You may know them as malls or shopping centres; I call it the place where the cinema happens to be. Continue reading

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Windows Phone is dead

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the introduction of the iPhone. The first commercial Android device was released a year later; today Android has the largest installed base of any operating system. In 2010 Microsoft also heeded the call with the ill-fated Windows Phone 7 (based on Windows CE). “Too little, too late”, one might say, nor was there an upgrade path to 2014’s superior Windows 8/8.1 generation (now based on Windows NT). And they were pretty damn good. Continue reading

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Modern Media Consumption

Now that I’ve finally gotten rid of that horrid analogue video media format named “VHS”, I’ve been thinking about what comes next. I’m referring to an all-digital format — an ethereal one that exists not even as files on your hard drive. Truth be told, I’m not really sure — because definitions of “the Cloud” vary. What I am getting at is much more sinister, and I’m not sure I like what’s coming. Continue reading

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Xmas 2009

CHRISTMAS defined. Continue reading

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When people are mad, toys go bad

My advice – educating your kids about airport security with this toy may actually be more harmful to them than just packing them in the damn luggage with some bottled water & hoping they survive. Continue reading

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The damn job is finished!

Finding space for all the cabling and other shit that tends to emanate from the rear of a head unit can be a mission and a work of art sometimes that makes one wonder who the fuck designs this stuff? Continue reading

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