Before anyone accuses this blogger of stagnation, thundering silence or an utter lack of activity, let it be said that we have been keeping ourselves rather occupied.

With loose tasks, mostly… lots and lots of loose items that need to get done before the next project can begin.

To wit, a few loose thoughts and ramblings: Received a few more tapes. Have started buying records again. Ubuntu 10.04 is a rather usable and mature package. IBM Thinkpads are solid and robust laptops. iHate iTunes. FreeNAS is an avenue worth exploring. I’ve learnt who my friends are. Max Normal / Waddy Jones / die Antwoord intrigues me to no end. Mark Zuckerberg did grow up to be a twat. Didn’t make it to SIGINT 2010. The new Star Trek movie was enjoyable. Donnie Darko was better on second viewing. And there are still some 100 South African record labels unaccounted for and unprofiled on sicDogs.

So there!

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