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(A)bort, (R)etry, (F)ail?

So far we’re up to ten drives across eight PCs unable to read the discs, and I’m getting a little peeved. Both look perfectly OK… no scratches, degradation, fading, rot or anything visible to the human eye — and these are two discs stored in two different rooms, far away from sunlight or other radiation. Feared lost is a time capsule. Continue reading

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The death of the Compact Disc, part 2

While a person’s physical music collection is priceless to the owner, there’s a genuinely calculable and traceable dollar value that can be attached to the legal contents of the “My Music” folder of your hard drive. In my opinion, this actually de-values the music and therefore the artistic worth of the original work. Their efforts have been reduced to a few megabytes which, on a more fruitful note, at least could potentially appear on several million folks’ hard drives, instead of gathering mildew in a warehouse somewhere. And what of the legalities of a backup or 2nd-hand ownership? Continue reading

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The death of the Compact Disc, part 1

Who hasn’t fallen for the charms of iTunes, MusicLoad, AmazonMP3 and/or Beatport for all their musical needs, buying and downloading gigabytes of music that you cannot touch or feel? Call me old-fashioned if you will, but nothing beats picking up a real record and admiring the physical, real entity that I hold in my hands. A record is a work of art. A recording is a historical artefact. Continue reading

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Nothing important happened today…

No matter how carefully and obsessively you (thought you) looked after those tapes by storing them in a cool, dark, dry place, far away from anything that could possibly generate a magnetic field, some of the mechanics and materials have started to fail. Continue reading

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Of cassettes and cartoons

It was a particularly quiet CNA, one that I had never visited before or since my Marshalltown tour of duty during which months I must’ve gone through just about every book on every conceivable subject that one could consume in the hours of waiting for the bus. And then I discovered the mother lode: Gary Larson. Continue reading

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The Cassette Projects

This was my tape collection. Lovingly nurtured and cared for over a period of some twenty years and surviving two intercontinental and numerous domestic moves, the time has come to bid farewell to this past passion and hobby, too. Continue reading

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