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Recordable media and disposable data

Having just completed the first item on my list of “things to do” for the year, it occurred to me that “mixtapes” are something of a dying artform. At least, in physical form. No, seriously: when last have you made a compilation of your favourite songs and burnt those to a CD-R as a proper Red Book Audio CD? Continue reading

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(Re)discovering MiniDisc

As is evident by the excellent condition of my new/old MD recorder, the previous owner was certainly a fan of the MiniDisc format, and I can almost understand why. This particular unit was released/manufactured in 1997, at a time when CDs had firmly established themselves as the de-facto standard for pre-recorded music and consumers were getting tired of the old analogue cassette. Sadly, I think it was a combination of several factors that lead to the downfall of the MD. Continue reading

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The Cassette Projects

This was my tape collection. Lovingly nurtured and cared for over a period of some twenty years and surviving two intercontinental and numerous domestic moves, the time has come to bid farewell to this past passion and hobby, too. Continue reading

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R.I.P. V.H.S.

The BetaMax vs. VHS (Video Home System) format (war) notwithstanding, just about any civilised household in the modern world had (or still has) a VCR. Dropping costs and the superior quality of DVD (and its own successors, complete with a new format war) have, in recent years, all but caused the demise of the VHS format, and it is almost with a tear in my eye that I, too finally bid farewell to my own old VHS collection. Continue reading

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No more getting lost

Germany is a country where one can get very lost in. In fact, I’ve already managed to get lost by missing a turn on the daily commute home from work! Now that I’ve got some sort of idea of how to solve the “sound problem”, I decided to take the next step and invest in a decent navigation system. Continue reading

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Sound Decisions

The decision that needs to be made now is whether to modify and transplant it into the Bora, or scrap it and simply design a new system from scratch… or a combination of the two. Continue reading

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Ghosts from the past

On Wednesday, the 14th of June something very special happened: I was greeted by the warm and eager “hum” of a car audio system that had re-awakened from a five-year slumber and was rearing to be let loose again. Continue reading

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