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Rewind: 2009

Through their annual Zeitgeist report, those evil people from Google have revealed that “Facebook” was 2009′s top “search query”. Other top searches included “hotmail”, “youtube”, “gmail”, “yahoo” (a touch of irony there), “ebay”, “myspace”, “bebo” and “google”. Continue reading

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Rewind: 2008

With 2009 just a few days away, now would be a good time to reflect on the year that was. Continue reading

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The story of Moshzilla

Over the last few days, yours truly has been wading through the murky waters of his hard drives, filtering out some debris in the form of unused downloads and old, forgotten, cobwebbed files. It was then that I stumbled over the extended left leg of a dancing girl named “Sam” — or “Little Sam” as she is known to friends and family. Everyone else on the interwebs knows her as “Moshzilla”. Continue reading

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It’s the routine of caffeine and nicotine that make the monotony of each day bearable as we look forward to the monthly paycheck and the great gig in the sky after the final dinner with the worms. And greed. Greed’s a great motivator. Greed makes hungry. Continue reading

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I can has cheezburger?

“If you spend any time at all observing net culture, then you’ll have been unable to miss the recent explosion in popularity of lolcats. This relatively recent phenomenon is the convention of taking pictures of cute animals, most frequently cats, and overlaying absurdist captions on the images.” Continue reading

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Virals and their hosts

While we’re on the topic of cartoons, here’s a batch of favourites from the most creative period. The first thing that strikes me about the selection is that I’ve got some quality time with my old cartoons and a more modern scanner coming up in the indeterminate future. The next thing to notice is that my levels of nihilism, narcissm and misanthropism were also at their concurrent peaks. Continue reading

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Ghosts from the address book

As another phase of the downscaling process and reshuffling of online interests, today some 570 email messages — containing all the jokes and virals that were carefully collected, assembled and sent out to a hand-clicked audience between December 2000 and December 2006 — got archived and trashed. Continue reading

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An uncomfortable past, or the inconvenient truth?

One of most frustrating tasks of being a discogs moderator is having to put up with the nonsense of the wanna-be rich and famous in their own bedroom in the music arena. You see, fame does not necessarily equate to a reasonable degree of intelligence or skill, nor does having a record out exclude the quasi-famous from having to abide by regular rules. Even in the realms of humour, folks sometimes don’t take too kindly to their names appearing alongside some rather vulgar and questionable sexual “practices”. Continue reading

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