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Music Browser Wars

Like most connected people in the 21st century, I’ve accumulated a plentitude of MP3 audio/music files. Digital media has arrived, and I suppose it’s here to stay for a while. But how does one effectively maintain a growing collection of MP3 files, one that, as the owner’s tastes and interests change, becomes increasingly unclear and unwieldy? How does one keep track of everything? Continue reading

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Five years and good dope

Five years of deciphering cryptic codes and punctuation and matrix codes on CDs and tapes and records and figuring out and defining relationships between this label and that licensee, this company and that pressing plant, or this band and its members who don’t wish to be associated with the band anymore. Sometimes we get even met with thanks and tokens of appreciation. Continue reading

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Project Tape2MP3: Completed!

This, dear readers, is all that remains of my tape collection. Twenty years of collecting and nurturing an audio cassette collection have been reduced to nothing more than one 16GB USB flash drive’s worth of bits. Continue reading

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The death of the Compact Disc, part 1

Who hasn’t fallen for the charms of iTunes, MusicLoad, AmazonMP3 and/or Beatport for all their musical needs, buying and downloading gigabytes of music that you cannot touch or feel? Call me old-fashioned if you will, but nothing beats picking up a real record and admiring the physical, real entity that I hold in my hands. A record is a work of art. A recording is a historical artefact. Continue reading

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Music, mayhem, and more memories

Little else evokes memories in the way that sound recordings do. Currently tied up with adding the finishing touches to the mayhem that is the Cyberia selection of electronica and dance music, the Tape2MP3 project is on pause until next year. In the interim, let me straddle the borders of legality by making one of my old tapes available for download (96kbps mono). Continue reading

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Cassette Culture Untangled

TDK, BASF, Maxell, Denon, and Sony: Once, these were among the most important words in the teenage lexicon. The advent of the iPod, downloads and peer-to-peer networks seemed certain to consign the old analogue cassette tape to cultural oblivion, but in music, it seems, that what goes around doesn’t just come around again; it’s simply rewound! Continue reading

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Ghosts in the cassette shell

The Tape2MP3 project is making slow but certain progress. Of course, it can’t all be fun and games: we’ve had about three tapes so far that got munched by the tape deck, and another snapped… but nothing that a screwdriver, a pen and some sticky-tape can’t fix! Continue reading

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Observant fans and followers may have noticed that there has been little development on the Bora sound front, and they’d only be partially correct: nothing but cranial and background activity going on… Continue reading

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