Cyberia 6: Sex


It is a period of catastrophe and turmoil, chaos and pandemonium, dead dogs and rolled cars, low-tech terrorism and script-kiddy mass-hysteria, extradition and emigration, loneliness and companionship. Welcome to Cyberia.

“Cyberia is frightening to everyone. Not just to technophobes, rich businessmen, midwestern farmers and suburban housewives but, most of all, to” all “the boys and girls hoping to ride the crest of the informational wave.”

“Cyberia 6”, the firstborn of a quintuplet, is unjustifiably considered the black sheep of the family — a blemish on a generally untarnished record… the cum stain on the silken bedsheet. “Cyberia 6” is about sex. It is hard and uncompromising and vulgar. It rapes and pillages all that was once holy virgin territory, and it breaks traditions as well as new ground.

Blurb: “Surf’s up: ‘Cyberia 6’ is here!
Swimming in the post-WTC informational age is a relatively easy task; keeping from drowning involves nothing more than sheepishly going with the flow of one’s mundane daily tasks and following the orders of your supposed superiors. Don’t think. Do what you are told. Do not question authority. Surfing past the pedestrian swimmers, however, is not restricted to how well you navigate your favourite pointing device through the breakwaters of browser warfare, it’s also a matter of remaining anonymous, surfacing only to receive the cookies you so rightfully deserve, leaving the rest of the tuna to be caught in the net. Cyberia mocks a media that attempts to tell you who to find attractive and fuck. Cyberia doesn’t care much for Napster, the record industry, nor the .MP3 revolution; it violently ravages them for its own immediate needs. In a real digital world, copies are exact duplicates of the original, creating a 6th day syndrome… Dolly never had it so good! ‘Cyberia 6’ was produced across both hemispheres of the real world and infiltrated but the smallest crevices of the virtual one to give birth to itself after 6 months of gestation. Borrowing two months of actual processor time in a world where airport security officers wield more power than those who really pay their meagre salaries, ‘Cyberia 6’ salutes its five predecessors and those with Utopian visions it aims to supersede. Think!”

Originally written November 6th, 2001. First online version posted April 2003. Revised and updated March 2015. See background story here.

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