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Of cassettes and cartoons

It was a particularly quiet CNA, one that I had never visited before or since my Marshalltown tour of duty during which months I must’ve gone through just about every book on every conceivable subject that one could consume in the hours of waiting for the bus. And then I discovered the mother lode: Gary Larson. Continue reading

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Ghosts in the cassette shell

The Tape2MP3 project is making slow but certain progress. Of course, it can’t all be fun and games: we’ve had about three tapes so far that got munched by the tape deck, and another snapped… but nothing that a screwdriver, a pen and some sticky-tape can’t fix! Continue reading

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The story of Dean Hamer and George Michael

As a fellow “uitlander” it was therefore inevitable that we struck up a bit of a friendship, and that’s how I came to have copies of recordings from Power 96 and the now-defunct Rhythm 98, his favourite radio stations from “back home”. Continue reading

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Ghosts from the address book

As another phase of the downscaling process and reshuffling of online interests, today some 570 email messages — containing all the jokes and virals that were carefully collected, assembled and sent out to a hand-clicked audience between December 2000 and December 2006 — got archived and trashed. Continue reading

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Prolific Performer Profile Provider

One of the more journalistic, serious and most certainly interesting aspects of discogs.com is the oft-underrated task of researching and “profiling” the people, bands and indeed record labels/companies behind the music that appear in the database. Continue reading

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