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Rewind: 2012

If you’re reading this, you might have noticed that the world didn’t end on 21-12-2012 as supposedly forecast by the Mayans. Our little blue marble continues to spin and orbit around the sun. All the hype was for nothing, as was the fearmongering about the possible black hole caused by firing up the Large Hadron Collider. Continue reading

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There can be only one

Yes, I remember the day following the 24th of November 1991 clearly. Radio played Queen tunes up and down, TV broadcast more than the usual fare of past videos and eulogies, and so-called experts crawled out of the woodworks to lament what a gifted performer was lost to a disease barely understood. Everyone suddenly outed themselves as fans, and sales of Greatest Hits II, which all too co-incidentally had been released barely a month prior to Freddie’s demise, soared. He is repeatedly polled as the greatest rock vocalist ever, and Queen’s set at Live Aid in 1985 is widely regarded as the greatest rock performance of all time. Continue reading

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Rewind: 2009

Through their annual Zeitgeist report, those evil people from Google have revealed that “Facebook” was 2009′s top “search query”. Other top searches included “hotmail”, “youtube”, “gmail”, “yahoo” (a touch of irony there), “ebay”, “myspace”, “bebo” and “google”. Continue reading

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Michael Jackson

Expect reissues of his back catalogue to be in production and in the shops in a matter of days. A new double Greatest Hits on the shelves by the end of July. The definitive DVD and a plethora of unofficial biographies in time for Christmas. Family fighting over his estate will start by the end of next week. Rumours over whether he’s actually dead or not to begin circulating by sun down. Continue reading

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Yuletide and mix CDs

Rufus has completed his part of the mixing, now it’s up to me to complete the third disc and assemble the lot into some sort of coherent structure. Seems that he’s fed up with the whole “CeeJay Cyborgasm” gig and wants to hand over the reigns of his imaginary and illegal empire. Continue reading

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Xenophobia, part 2

The bloodbath is over, apparently all quiet on the southern front. The death toll has reached 62. The “Burning Man” has been identified and buried. Meanwhile, Zimbabwean billionaires who remain less than optimistic about their own free country’s blossoming future and negligible inflation rate continue to find holes in the border fence and flock to South Africa in droves. Continue reading

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Flames of hatred and xenophobia

It contained snippets of news articles as well as several rather disturbing and terribly saddening images of the madness and mayhem that ensued after a series of violent attacks on foreigners (mostly African nationals) across South Africa. Continue reading

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The HMVH Corporation BBS is shut down as of right now!

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