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In other news, our redneck off-site, which averages around 200 hits a day, recently got overrun. Some of the comments weren’t exactly… erhmm, favourable either, mostly running the redneck article down on account of its age. Continue reading

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The bare necessities: Teddy vs. Bruno

Of hugely entertaining value to an English speaker living in Germany is the recent insistence by locals to spice up their vocabulary with modern English words and phrases — as if no equivalent or suitable German words were available! Advertising agencies and the media are particularly guilty of this malpractice. Continue reading

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Egg on my face

While trying to figure out where and how to install the old (new) CD shuttle in the car’s boot, this idiot discovers that… wait for it, here it comes: the damn thing’s already got one! Continue reading

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…good business advice to prospective criminals? Continue reading

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Cyberia 8: As Seen On MTV!

.MP3 files and bootleg mixes were becoming an increasingly prominent feature of the Cyberia staple. This edition, too blatantly followed the typical style of a crappy, cheesy, tacky, funny, cartoonish, and childish compilation of the musical flavours of the “current … Continue reading

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Bummer! The new hard drive has not been installed yet, my supplier has taken ill. And while we’re on bad news, the line noise fault has not yet been resolved either: A couple of Telkom monkeys came past, and it … Continue reading

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BBS News: New number!

If you have managed to log on, you have no doubt realised that the number for the HMVH Corporation BBS has changed. Yes, I also found out quite by accident… at least connections are a lot faster now!

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